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Soulful Sex Volume II follows in the tradition of its bestselling and award-winning predecessor. Another six delightful couples explore timeless, archetypal themes of desire, intimacy, submission, conquest, and the union of souls through erotic experience.

  • In "Je t'aime, Etienne," a woman who fell for a young French Canadian hockey player years ago is reunited with him for a night of intense romance; can she possibly have a future with this man she has loved from afar for years, even though he is now a star in the NHL?
  • In "As Commonplace as Rain," a member of a spiritual order segregated from any contact with males finds the only thing that can keep her from madness may be the ministrations of a man--and she has never seen one before.
  • In "Fantastic Toys" a young woman becomes smitten with her eccentric and mysterious neighbor, only to find out a secret about him so bizarre it turns her whole world upside down.
  • And in the "Vernal Night" trilogy of tales, an ancient culture's annual mating tradition offers opportunities for romantic adventure for three disarming heroes: a merchant, an artist, and a minstrel. See the special Vernal Night page to get a look at the Trio and learn all about them.
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Rating: adults only
Publisher: Living Beyond Reality Press
Re-Publication Date: February 2006
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9778722-3-7
Genre: Erotic Romance (tasteful but graphic language)
Pages: 148
Word Count: 90,000
Available Formats: Adobe Reader (pdf), Microsoft Reader (lit), Kindle and Mobipocket
Price: $4.50 (15% off if bought from LBR Press)
Cover Art: Diana Laurence

Read an excerpt from the book. (Warning: Adults only content.)
View the graphic excerpt (mini-comic) of "As Commonplace as Rain" (for all ages).
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"Je t'aime, Etienne" from Soulful Sex Volume II was a Finalist in the 2005 Reviewers International Organization's RIO Awards of Excellence in the Best Story from an Anthology Category

"As Commonplace as Rain" from Soulful Sex Volume II won a T.A.T.S. Award of Storytelling in 2003


"As Commonplace as Rain" from Soulful Sex Volume II
earned a Recommended Read from Road to Romance in 2005


An excerpt from "One Hundred Women" from Soulful Sex Volume II won the Smooch Award at in 2005


































FOUR STARS from Angela Black, Romantic Times BOOKclub (for Soulful Sex Volumes I and II)

More emotionally sexy than erotic, this well-crafted collection offers a smorgasbord for every taste. Laurence has mastered the art of short storytelling. The heroine and hero in each story connect soulfully and develop meaningful relationships that strengthen their intimacy. Readers won't be disappointed with these soul-soothing love stories.

FIVE STARS from Wanda Maynard, Sime~Gen

    Diana Laurence has done it again. She has this miraculous ability to create a fantasy world that stretches the imagination to new heights.
Complete review

FOUR KISSES from Stacey Brutger, Romance Divas

    Diana Laurence has managed to compile six stories in an enjoyable collection. The first three stories are connected and bring the past alive with great characters and an even better setting. I found As Commonplace as Rain contained an interesting combination of innocents and seduction to tempt any reader. This was an unusual but very enjoyable read.
Complete review

FOUR HEARTS from Tori West, The Romance Studio

    Soulful Sex Volume II is a collection of sensual tales to stimulate the mind as well as the body...I found all the stories in this volume a little different from the norm in erotic romance. For one thing none of them are, as I would term, erotic per se, but rather sensual in nature. Nothing too graphic and much left to the imagination. It's not quite what I expected in an erotic read and readers should be prepared for R content. That aside, as I have said, my favorite is "Je t'adore, Etienne," which was far and away the best in this compilation and I highly recommend this book for the pleasure of reading that rare jewel. This story is told so sensually and skillfully I found myself totally entranced and would highly recommend this book for this story alone. It's a rare gem of erotic romance that is more sensuous than erotic and yet it seems far more personal than any romantic story I have read in a long while.
Complete review

FIVE WANDS from Brenda, Spirit Spot DFW

    We were so happy when we heard that there was a Soulful Sex Volume II out, we just had to get our hands on it. The first volume was wonderful, refreshingly new on the romance scene. Soulful Sex Volume II was just as wonderful. As a pagan reader I loved the first three tales in this collection of soulful erotica. Go and get Soulful Sex and Soulful Sex II, you won't be the same after you read them.
Complete review

FOUR HEARTS from Janalee, Love Romances

    In "Vernal Night: The Trio," Ms. Laurence did an exceptional job in the descriptions and execution of this storyline. The characters were believable and well-designed, with just enough heat to retain this reader and keep her interested. One will love Raisi’s sweet and thoughtful personality. "Vernal Night: The Infatuation" is a lovely short story. Ms. Laurence’s flowing and colorful writing style defines each of the character’s personas, much like the brush strokes of Frayn’s painting. They are brilliant and startling to behold yet filled with emotional wealth. Readers will find themselves unable to put this story down, until finding who gets the auburn-haired beauty with the personality of an angel. In "Vernal Night: One Hundred Women" Ms. Laurence amazed this reader with the strong characters of Arjent and Delinn. Their love scenes and dialogue are pure unadulterated magic! When this story comes to a close, one will be filled with the hope of love everlasting!

    "Je t’aime, Etienne" is one of those stories that will always hold a special place in this reader’s heart. It is profoundly moving, with the graceful elements of Etienne and Shannon’s maiden moments. This is a truly hauntingly beautiful tale of unrequited first love. The quality of this piece was so exceptionally written and executed. Bravo, Ms. Laurence, this is the crowning masterpiece in your anthology and one this reviewer will not soon forget! "As Commonplace as Rain" has a mystical reverent undertone to it. Tristan is a kind and gentle teacher to the innocent Pasha. The love and romance they share will warm one’s heart and soul. Ms. Laurence did another outstanding job of building up the emotional passion of the characters, using poetic wording and graceful penmanship. This really is a magical tale of the lessons of passion, and one man’s gentle touch healing another’s soul. "Fantastic Toys," out of all the stories in the anthology, has the most unusual storyline, which this reader liked.

    Diana Laurence’s intrinsic weaving of these six short sensual tales with an erotic undertone base introduced the reader to the different nuances and skillfully worded touches that make up the sexual aspects of these stories. While reading these stories, this reader also learned a little something along the way, which was pleasurable. Ms. Laurence’s way of expressing the sexual spectrums of human nature is an approach this reader has never come across before, but appreciates never the less. Ms. Laurence also used maturity in dealing with the true realities of sexual conduct in today’s society. How refreshing! Ms. Laurence’s writing talents are evident and profound, so do not hesitate to get a copy of SOULFUL SEX VOLUME II today!
Complete review

PRAISE from The Erotic Reader

    Diana Laurence's Soulful Sex Volume II is a blend of erotic romance and fantasy. There are six stories and each skillfully woven to reflect the character's inner thoughts and feelings from the soul....Diana Laurence presents six erotic stories of romance and fantasy that offers a look at the emotional and spiritual as well as the physical side of love and sex. Though the sex is steamy, Laurence deepens her characters by adding the spiritual aspect of two lovers coming together. Each story is nicely written, an enjoyable read, and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in front of a fireplace.
Complete review

FOUR ANGELS from Brandy, Fallen Angel Reviews

    This is an anthology of varied genres. Surprisingly, it is a good combination. There is a little something for everyone, from historical to fantasy to other worlds. The common thread is, of course, Soulful Sex. The characters in each story are different enough that they stand out, without blending into one cardboard cut-out as often happens in anthologies. The stories are short, but well-written. Each plot has its own unique twists and turns. The characters are surprisingly well developed and will hold the reader’s attention.
Complete review

FOUR CUPS from Cassandra Buckles, Coffee Time Romance

    Soulful Sex Volume II is erotic romance at its best. Ms. Laurence creates short stories that will captivate readers from beginning to end. I found each romance well written, with strong characters. Some erotic romances can leave the readers feeling uncomfortable with how the language is used to describe the scenes, but I did not find that so with Soulful Sex Volume II. The erotic scenes are beautifully written. Whether you are a first time reader of erotic romance or an avid reader of it, you will truly take pleasure in Soulful Sex Volume II.
Complete review

FOUR STARS from Sheryl,

    “Soulful Sex Volume II” is a sensual compilation of six short stories, each unique in its own way. This book is bound to entice and tempt readers into perusing it from start to finish. All of these stories were seductive and sensual in their own way. Ms. Laurence has, in my opinion, written a superb book that includes different scenarios that all have one thing in common, they seduce and entice, which is something that will please even the most discerning reader.
Complete review

PRAISE from Caroline Lake, Gotta Write Network

    Romance takes center stage along with sensual pleasure that should capture the reader's heart. Diana Laurence once again shows that her heart is in her writing...Soulful Sex Volume II is wonderful and cleverly written and should lift the reader's spirits.
Complete review


From reader Paula

   I certainly enjoyed reminiscing about those fantasies you so creatively told in Soulful Sex I & II; especially intriguing due to your uniquely clever creativity! Your imagination and ability to put "soul" into the characters in such a few short pages is truly a gift, which I am most grateful that you have chosen to share with curious readers everywhere!

From reader Jennie B.

    If you want your stories to be erotic and romantic then Diana Laurence is the author for you. She lifts sexuality up into the stratosphere with her latest tome -- six tales of men and women bringing minds, hearts, and bodies together for an experience you will not forget. As for the Vernal Night stories, and the hero I liked best is...(drumroll please)...*all* of them! Tibolt is the solid and dependable provider, Frayn the wild and risky artist, and Arjent the soulful and lyrical musician. I appreciate every one of those qualities, and if these three were my Trio, it would take far more than one Vernal Night to make my decision! "Fantastic Toys" was a dreamy science fiction tale. I wish I had a neighbor like Eric McQuestion. "As Commonplace as Rain" is a worthy addition to the book. I was happy to re-read it, and I hope others will discover this joy of a story. The story "Je t'aime, Etienne" is absolutely mindblowing. Etienne Legendre...he is hero, man, and hockey player, all in a one-of-a-kind, devastatingly irresistible package. All women should know the kind of love Etienne gives, and all women should find a man as worthy of their love as he. This is some of the most beautiful writing I have ever seen.

From reader Con P.

    Vol. 2 is really good. My favorite story was The Vernal Night Trilogy. I will start by telling you that a lot of my opinions and observations about your work are tightly woven with my admiration and understanding of the ideal you are trying to attain. Not just in literary style but in your ... vision. The worlds you create, the characters and circumstances are a reflection of your longing and striving for a better understanding between men and women, a society where sex is not shameful and the women need not feel victimized or promiscuous. Case in point is the Vernal Trilogy. Etaen culture is every woman's dream! Where do I sign up for immigration! Upon reading the first paragraph, I stopped and thought; "How does she think this up?" What struck me was the purity of your characters, men and women. Sex is not shameful here, there is no conflict in the characters...Delinn and Arjent's story is my favorite of all three because of the purity factor I mentioned before. I love the fact that they grew up together and in that maturation, explored their sexuality together without shame. This is sex the way God wanted it. They are like Adam and Eve in the garden before whatever happened, happened and the world was lost to shame and guilt. I understand that in this ideal you have created there is no unwanted pregnancies, no STDs, or broken hearts. Yes, it's only Art but as with all good Art, it resonates, echoes ancient longings we hold, primal memories of a purer time.