A Blueprint for Publishing Your Own Books

By Diana Laurence writing as Diane Lau

  • If you are frustrated with your lack of success finding a publisher
  • If you’ve looked into companies that will publish your book for you and been appalled at what they charge
  • If you wish you better understood what the new printing and ebook technologies meant in terms of your options

then this little book can help. Author Diane Lau (aka Diana Laurence) gives the whole scoop on how she published her titles through her own small publishing house, and tells how you can too. The book discusses:

  • What the Big Publishing Houses Would Rather You Didn’t Know
  • The First Step to Success is Revamping Your Dream
  • The Cold Hard Facts About What It Will Take
  • “Materials List” for Building Your Publishing House
  • Pour the Foundation – Starting Up Your Company
  • Hire Your Subcontractors – Production and Distribution
  • The Joys of eBook Publishing
  • The Wonders of Print-on-Demand
  • Your Website – The Always-Open Open House
  • Marketing – You Built It, Now Will They Come?
Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing is a step-by-step blueprint through the entire process, to help you decide if this approach is right for you, and guide you to valuable resources that will enable you to become your own publisher. From estimating your costs to finding out the skills you need and how to acquire them, you'll learn how a previously published author found a more enjoyable and profitable way to sell her books: by publishing herself.

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renowned fantasy writer and supporter of internet publishing:

...As [Diane Lau] says, if you are an aspiring author you may be frustrated by lack of success in finding a publisher, and appalled at the charges of self publishers, and wish you could just do it yourself—this is the book for you. She did it for herself, and is spelling out the process for you. Her writing is clear and her points are accurate, in my experience. Even if you're not contemplating true self publishing at this time, this is worthwhile material that may affect your outlook. It costs a pittance, $2.99. I heartily recommend this book. --From

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Publisher: Living Beyond Reality Press
Publication Date: May 2006
ISBN: 978-0-9778722-7-5
Genre: Non-Fiction
Adobe pdf Pages: 50, full color, illustrated, PRINTABLE
Word Count: 20,000
Price: $2.99 (15% off from LBR Press)
Cover Art: Katie Nelson and Diane Lau

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From Sol Nasisi, Founder and Director,    

    I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been reading your book and it is fabulous.  At some point in TheNextBigWriter Novel Competition we’re considering publishing the winner.  The previous winner received so much good press that it seems like a viable option.  Your book will be invaluable in making this happen.  Thanks for the information!

8 out of 10 from Marge Anna Conrad, NovelSpot:     

    Not willing to let would be self-publishers flounder and lose the dream, [Ms. Lau] has taken by the hand those who would desire success in this area and leads us step by step through the entire process.

    Step One: Read this entire book. Twice. Okay, maybe three times.

    Step Two: Do exactly what Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing tells you to do.     

    Step Three: Enjoy the success you have always dreamed of.

    Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing makes it that simple.... Of course, there is no guarantee that the book you publish will be a success. Ms. Lau cannot guarantee it, nor can I, but from reading her step-by-step, easy to understand and follow guide through the self-publishing process, you will have a marketable product. That is the beginning of any success story.
Complete review

From Mrs. Giggles,     

    I like how [Ms. Lau] makes it clear that people who follow the self-publishing route most likely will not have a bestseller in the leagues of John Grisham and Stephen King and that the satisfaction will come mostly from the fact that the book that you believe in (and no editors at the big publishing houses apparently do) will find an audience that appreciates your book...A decent and pretty comprehensive 101 kind of introduction manual to self-publishing...the writing is clear and easy to understand. There is also sensible advice about staying away from businesses that try to take advantage of aspiring authors. While the content isn't on the heavy-duty side, it is packed with enough substance to make it an economical alternative to constantly scouring sites like Authorswrite and other similar sites while trying to figure how to do this or that when it comes to independent publishing!

From Cherie Burbach, (reprinted from     

    Diane Lau's Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing (DIYP) guide is a must for anyone considering (or wondering) what self-publishing is really about. The author speaks from her experience in working with a traditional mid-sized publisher and tells what personally brought her to the self-publishing arena. A lot has been misinterpreted about self-publishing in the last few years, and I think readers will be surprised as to why authors decide to choose this route.

    Lau gives a simple and straightforward approach on how to become a publisher of your own work from start to finish. Her own experience brings credibility to the topics she covers, such as: what is needed in terms of ISBNs and software, items people need to consider from a business standpoint, and how to proceed with payment and fulfillment.

    This book is different in that it gives the detail you need to go out today and set up a self-publishing venture. It doesn't just speak of broad marketing concepts like some of the other books on this subject but gives specific information that authors can follow step-by-step.

    DIYP would be of interest not only to authors considering self-publishing for the first time, but also authors who have used another company to self-publish. I'd recommend this work to any author who is unclear about the ins and outs entailed with this subject as it will put all your questions to rest. I'll give you a hint - after reading this work I realized it's not as difficult you might think - but you do need a guide to get started the right way. DIYP is that guide.

From Heather Skumatz (reprinted from     

    Diane Lau's Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing (DIYP) is an handy guidebook for the moderately experienced writer who isn't afraid of technology. In the Introduction section, Lau inquires, "could you really be in the publisher's seat?"

    The answer to that question is left for the reader to answer, but Lau is an encouraging and candid reporter of her own recent experiences with the Media Revolution. She tells her readers the process of self-publishing is "imminently do-able" for those who are willing to accept the challenge.

    Lau clearly outlines her step-by-step model and demystifies the process of self-publishing and marketing. She covers topics like "What the Big Publishing Houses Would Rather You Didn't Know," "The Wonders of Print-on-Demand" and "Your Website - The Always-Open Open House." She tells her readers they "will be accomplishing something that wasn't even possible five years ago." If that's not exciting, what is?

    As a long-time writer and full-time marketing professional, Lau's information is reliable. Readers will come to like and trust this writer. They will appreciate her verve, her honesty, and her sense of humor. DIYP is the perfect book for anyone who wants an up-to-date blueprint for self-publishing.